About Us

Frequency: 20 times a year

MMR: Mass Market Retailers, established in 1984, is the industry's only business-to-business global mass retail newspaper whose subscriber base consists exclusively of headquarters, regional and district level buying influences of the following distinct retail trade classes:

  • Supermarket Chains
  • Drug Chains
  • Mass Merchandiser Chains (Multidepartmental)
  • Warehouse Clubs
  • Value Retailers
  • Military Resale
  • Select Global Chains

MMR: Mass Market Retailers primarily focuses on common areas of the store. Over 80% of the editorial coverage and display advertising relationships are with the HBC/GM and nonperishable food categories.
MMR: Mass Market Retailers is divided into the following editorial sections:

  • News
  • Money
  • Opinion
  • Global
  • Supply Side
  • People
  • Topics

MMR: Mass Market Retailers provides its advertisers with the most effective value proposition available today---broad trade channel reach and editorial support combined with unparalleled customer service, industry insight and an entrée into MMR:  Mass Market Retailer's exclusive retail Access Events.

*June, 2011 BPA Circulation Statement