Five discount retail veterans have united to create a wholesale, retail and ­e-commerce venture.

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‘Dream team’ to launch major discount venture

February 25th, 2013

ST. LOUIS – Five discount retail veterans have united to create a wholesale, retail and ­e-commerce venture.

The founders bring to the new enterprise more than 200 years of combined experience in what is being billed as a value-based retail "dream team."

The five are: Tom Holley, former president and chief executive officer of Grandpa’s Stores and founder and president of DEALS: Nothing Over a Dollar; Bill Shaner, former president and CEO of Save-A-Lot Stores (2006 - 2011) and principal at Shaner Management Group; Larry Tyler, former executive vice president of merchandising at Grandpa’s, DEALS and Save-A-Lot; Rick Meyer, former executive vice president of real estate development at Grandpa’s, DEALS and Save-A-Lot and principal at TAT Capital & Consulting; and Jeff Schneider, former buyer and category expert at Grandpa’s, DEALS and Save-A-Lot, and founder of his own closeout and distribution business.

The wholesale division will be called STL Global Sales, and the retail and e-commerce businesses will operate under the name Here Today. STL Global Sales will source and sell deeply discounted consumables and general merchandise across multiple categories to a network ranging from major national chains to small, independent wholesalers and retailers.

The team plans to launch the retail and e-commerce divisions later, opening the first four Here Today stores in the St. Louis market, where the company is based. The stores will offer an assortment of deeply discounted merchandise across numerous categories from refrigerated and frozen food to electronics to home décor.