Rite Aid Corp. has launched its wellness65+ loyalty program for people over 65 with an integrated marketing campaign.

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Wellness65+ connects Rite Aid, seniors

August 12th, 2013

CAMP HILL, Pa. – Rite Aid Corp. has launched its wellness65+ loyalty program for people over 65 with an integrated marketing campaign.

The marketing effort is built on Rite Aid’s promise to deliver personalized service that helps people live well, and senior vice president of marketing John Learish says it "brings to life the brand’s commitment to understanding its customers more personally and highlights the additional wellness65+ services offered to seniors, one of the fastest-growing populations in the nation.

"Retail brands have an opportunity to create in-store experiences and offerings that foster stronger relationships and truly build loyalty," he says. "It’s just one more way we can provide value. Wellness65+ provides seniors, one of our most important consumer bases, with products and services specifically targeted to meet their needs."

Wellness65+ is the latest extension of Rite Aid’s customer loyalty program wellness+.
Learish says the seniors program is based on the health and wellness offerings of wellness+, with tailored programs for seniors built on individualized solutions for helping them live healthier lives.

Wellness65+, he explains, is designed to give seniors an enhanced experience that includes a special savings day for them the first Wednesday of every month as well as the opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with their Rite Aid pharmacist.

Members are automatically eligible for an expanded pharmacist consultation to give them the extra support they need to maintain their health and wellness.

Learish says the timing of the new program could not be better.

"Amid new health care legislation and the growing array of options, health care can be more confusing than ever," he says. "A key goal of wellness65+ is to create ongoing dialogue between Rite Aid pharmacists and their patients to better help them reach their wellness goals."

The marketing campaign for wellness65+, which rolled out nationwide late last month, features seniors actively engaged in life from swimming laps to riding a roller coaster or having a water fight with grandchildren.

The campaign also promotes the program’s distinctive offerings, including members earning one point for every dollar they spend on prescription co-pays, including those supported by government-funded programs up to a maximum of 25 points per prescription.

Learish points out that this is one of wellness65+’s most important benefits for seniors who fill prescriptions through Medicare Part D.

Executives at MARC USA, which created the marketing program and television and radio spots featuring actress Julianna Margulies, say the effort resonates with seniors and the concerns they have with aging.

"Each wellness65+ TV spot opens with a senior reflecting ‘How did I get here?’ " MARC USA chief executive officer Bryan Hadlock explains.

"The scenarios personify health and wellness as being able to do what you enjoy most, whether it’s a physical challenge or special moments with the people you love," he says. "The spots complete the loop by showing the role of the Rite Aid pharmacist in the senior’s life — helping each customer get to a place where he or she is living life to the fullest."