Nielsen strengthens relationship with Walmart

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NEW YORK — Nielsen announced Thursday that it had been named Walmart’s preferred provider of point-of-sale data, and was expanding its partnership with the giant retailer.

Nielsen chief executive officer Mitch Barns shared details of the arrangement during the the company’s Investors Day conference. According to Barns, Nielsen and Walmart are teaming up to create a syndicated data collaboration program, called Walmart One Version of Truth. Its aim is to provide a new and more efficient way for suppliers and other business partners to measure their performance and grow their sales with Walmart.

Nielsen said that it is the only company that can offer manufacturers the same POS data and analytic applications that Walmart uses internally, allowing them to be on the same page with the retailer in their collaborations. And because Nielsen was named Walmart’s preferred provider of POS data, the company said its numbers will serve as the the baseline for performance measures and analytics within Walmart. Nielsen said it will also add Jet.com to its e-commerce measurement service, allowing it to provide a better understanding of the growing online retail channel.

“We are proud of this distinction and honored that Walmart has named Nielsen as its preferred provider for POS data and the sole provider of Walmart One Version of Truth,” Barns said. “Aligning with Walmart’s customer-centric philosophy, the collaboration program we are developing will ultimately yield a deeper understanding of customer preferences, enabling Walmart and its supplier partners to have a common data set that fuels faster, better informed decisions. At the end of the day, enabling efficiency is an opportunity for us to bring innovation and progress to the industry, together.”



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