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Out of Africa launches baby products

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MARINA DEL REY, Calif. — The makers of Out of Africa brand bath and body products announced the launch of a line of baby products made with skin-nourishing shea butter.

sheaShea butter is made from the nut of the shea tree, known among some locals in the savannah region of West Africa and Central Africa as “the tree of life.”

Out of Africa said it has a special relationship with the people of the West Africa nation of Benin, who hand-harvest the shea nuts and extract an unrefined, pure butter from the seed. The butter is used in the company’s bath and body care products. Its shea butter bar soaps are made in the company’s factory in Benin.

“That same shea butter, with all its nurturing qualities, has finally been combined with a few natural ingredients to create Shea Baby, five exceptional items including Bar Soap, Body Wash and Shampoo, Bubble Bath and Stretch Mark Cream,” said Victor Lulla, the company’s founder and chief executive officer. The company plans to add a Shea Mama Diaper Cream to the line later this year.

“We wanted each and every mother that tried our products to be delighted by the experience,” Lulla said. “From our unique containers to soothing, calming formulas, it was all about her perception and her baby’s happiness. Pure, natural, organic shea butter, combined with botanical extracts, hydrate, nourish and protect baby’s sensitive skin and our precious environment.”

The company noted that all of its products are made with no mineral oils, sulfates, formaldehyde or parabens. All are hypoallergenic, tear free and dermatologist-tested.


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