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Ahold Delhaize to promote healthier food

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Retailer joins nonprofit Partnership for a Healthier America to make it easier for shoppers to find nutritious food.

LANDOVER, Md. – With the goal of selling more healthy food, Ahold Delhaize USA is working with the nonprofit Partnership for a Healthier America on an initiative to get more nutritious food into shoppers’ baskets.

The partners on October 7 unveiled a commitment to increase healthier food sales and disclose the percentage of healthy food in the retailer’s overall food sales.

Ahold Delhaize USA is the parent of omnichannel grocery brands Giant, Stop & Shop, Hannaford and Food Lion, comprising the largest grocery retail group on the East Coast and the fourth-largest in the United States. Its more than 2,000 stores and distribution centers across 23 states serve millions of customers each week.

“Providing customers with affordable, nutritious food every day and leveraging our collective scale to move the needle on important public health issues is integral to our mission to make a local impact with a greater purpose,” says Brittni Furrow, vice president of sustainable retailing and healthy living for Ahold Delhaize USA. “We look forward to this new partnership and working collaboratively to create a healthier America.”

Partnership for a Healthier America is based in Washington, D.C., and works “to transform the food landscape in pursuit of health equity,” the nonprofit said in announcing the new commitment.

Ahold Delhaize is committing to healthier food by pledging that by 2025 at least 54% of its private-brand products and unbranded bulk items will have one, two or three stars through the Guiding Stars program, which assigns stars as a means of helping consumers find nutritious food. Its ratings are generated by a patented algorithm that analyzes nutrition information on food labels.

Ahold Delhaize also vows that starting this year it will annually disclose the proportion of food sole through its stores with one-, two- or three-star ratings through the Guiding Stars program.

“With this commitment, Ahold Delhaize USA has raised the bar for grocery retailers. This is a win for consumers — through increased sales of healthier foods — and a win for public health through greater transparency of healthier sales data,” says Nancy Roman, Partnership for a Healthier America’s president and chief executive. “When companies are committed to not only stocking healthier options, but also encouraging sales of those items, real change can happen.”


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