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Sustainable initiatives will result in doing well by doing good

Sustainability is generally defined as the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources to maintain an ecological balance. The three principles forming its foundation are profit, people and the planet. In today’s market, a superior product is no longer enough to win a consumer’s favor. Shoppers are seeking much more than just features and benefits,

Learning to manage digital assets at the speed of retail

Learning to manage digital assets at the speed of retail

Quickly shifting market dynamics, the increased need for speed of item asset digitization, and changing customer expectations are all putting pressure on manufacturers and retailers to better manage product information. Several acronyms have become part of regular conversation, including MDM (Master Data Management), PIM (Product Information Management) and DAM (Digital Asset Management). Each system has

The time is right for a new approach to fixture sets and resets

MILWAUKEE — Adjustments to traditional approaches of beauty fixture sets and resets have become necessary to adapt to the new normal of today’s experiential-driven retail market. This was unanimously confirmed by attendees of the recent SHOP! Association Business Leader Forum, where Hamacher Resource Group presented “Producer Savings Through Efficient Rollout Practices.” The coordinated process between