AXE and Marvel partner to create The Fresh-Men

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AXE and Marvel partner to create The Fresh-Men
ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. — Unilever North America’s AXE brand and Marvel Entertainment LLC have joined forces to create a new set of super heroes, The Fresh-Men — a collective of high school students with super abilities meant to inspire teens everywhere.

The first chapter in an all new five-part video comic series starts Friday online at The Fresh-Men is a story that takes place at the Future Minds School of Science & Technology, one of the Wakanda outreach academies for inner city youth.

Working together to use their hidden powers for good while navigating their own complex high-school world, the stories follow:

• Damian Garcia (Burner) – Damian is fireproof and can generate heat biologically, blasting projectiles of fire from his hands.
• Alyssa Jordan (Windchill) – Alyssa generates cold, which manifests as wind or ice. She can also make water from the moisture in the air, or steam if she works together with Damian’s fire powers.
• Danny Lee (Kid Vanish) – Danny can make himself invisible, and while in this state he can pass through most solid objects. This power conflicts sharply with his desire to be the center of attention.
• Emily Everheart (Override) – Emily has the power of communication. The nanobots coursing through her blood enable her to understand and speak any language on Earth – including computer languages.
• Tyrell Taylor (Doubletime) – A superior athlete, Tyrell can either move really fast or slow down time, depending on who you ask.

Making a cameo in the comics is rapper and actor, SuperDuperKyle, who previously partnered with AXE for its high school Senior Orientation program.

The Fresh-Men comic will also have an exclusive, complementary new soundtrack, produced in partnership with Mass Appeal — The Fresh-Men Mixtape featuring Dave East, Kodie Shane, 070 Phi, D Savage, Louis IV and Akilz Amari with original songs inspired by the characters and their superpowers.

“Comic books are awesome storytelling vehicles for our teen fans, so working with Marvel was a no brainer. AXE believes attraction and confidence are powers guys can tap into everyday to be their best selves, so creating a team of young super heroes who routinely flex that confidence when facing adversity is a perfect way to reinforce this belief to our guys,” said Mark Lodwick, brand director of AXE. “Also by creating a mixtape, we drew on our fans love of hip hop to further explore these characters and extend the experience, fun and enjoyment of The Fresh-Men to our fans.”



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