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ECRM/MMR Buyers Choice Awards in snacks, dry grocery

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LAS VEGAS — Baruvi Fresh LLC’s Hummustir and Lesley Elizabeth’s Spinach Seasoning won the ECRM/MMR Buyers Choice Awards during ECRM’s Winter Snack & Dry Grocery EPPS held last month in Las Vegas.

The two companies were selected from more than a dozen entries in the award program which were sampled by attendees during the New Product Innovation Hour. Buyers cast their votes based on product taste, innovation and packaging.

ECRM/MMRBaruvi Fresh took the Snack Category award with its newly-launched line of healthy snacks, called hummustir (, a USDA certified organic hummus. According to the company, Hummustir offers consumers a truly authentic dip and spread and with less calories than competing brands, and uses only organic, non-GMO ingredients, free of preservatives like potassium sorbate and other harsh chemicals.

Hummustir is available in 4 flavors: Blazin, with habanero spice; Classic, its original Hummustir, with cumin; Mediterranean, which has lemon and garlic seasoning,; and Village, an “old school” flavor with Cumin and garlic.

“Most consumers think you get Fresh Hummus from the refrigerator section in the store, when actually the best hummus is when it is freshly made,” says Brian Stuckelman, Vice President of Sales. “Hummustir gives the consumer the opportunity to make, on demand, the freshest hummus that they will ever taste.”

spinach seasoningLesley Elizabeth’s Spinach Seasoning, which won the award for the Dry Grocery category, contains all natural ingredients, including dill and garlic as flavor enhancers to bring out the rich flavor in the seasoning. According to the company, it makes a wonderful dip, enhances lasagna, brings richness to marinara sauce, and “can be used to make a ho hum burger become something extraordinary.”

Lesley Elizabeth’s founder “Lizzie” is from England and used her experiences as a caterer during summers in the south of France to guide her seasoning flavor profiles. Her oils and seasonings are developed for the busy working person who loves good food but lacks the time it takes to source the finest ingredients to achieve the desired result.



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