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CHPA welcomes three new suppliers as members

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WASHINGTON — The Consumer Healthcare Products Association has welcomed Church & Dwight, Bridges Consumer Healthcare and Rhinomed as its newest members. The three companies play an important role in personal health care with product offerings that include over-the-counter (O-T-C) medicines, dietary supplements, and consumer medical devices. CHPA is the only U.S. trade association representing the personal health care sector, broadly, which includes all three of these categories.

Scott Melville CHPA

Scott Melville


“We at CHPA are delighted to welcome Church & Dwight, Bridges, and Rhinomed as our newest members,” said Scott Melville, president and CEO of CHPA. “Church & Dwight has been a consumer products leader with iconic brands for well over a century, while Bridges and Rhinomed are newer, emerging businesses. Together, these companies represent the diversity of CHPA’s membership and the increasing variety of self-care options available to consumers in today’s rapidly-changing personal health care marketplace.”

Church & Dwight provides consumers a spectrum of personal health care products including OTC medicines such as Orajel, homeopathic medicines like Zicam, dietary supplements like Vitafusion, and consumer medical devices including Trojan. “CHPA’s expansive scope of work across all of the self-care sectors where we provide value for consumers is crucial,” said Bruce Weiss, vice president of marketing and strategic business unit leader at Church & Dwight. “We look forward to contributing our thought leadership to CHPA’s mission.”

Bridges Consumer Healthcare helps to empower self-care by offering a range of personal health care products including O-T-C medicines like Cystex and Certain-Dri, dietary supplements such as Florajen, and consumer medical devices including Thermacare Heatwraps. “CHPA is a great place for us to have an impact on the future of our industry in all of the areas where consumers are seeking personal health care solutions,” said Robert Long, president and CEO of Bridges. “Growth needs advocates, and we look forward to joining CHPA in this effort.”

Rhinomed is a medical technology company that seeks to improve the way consumers breathe and sleep with a nasal and respiratory technology platform, including the Turbine, Mute and Pronto product lines. “We share CHPA’s perspective that consumer medical devices play an important role in personal healthcare,” said John Ende, executive vice president of sales for North America. “We look forward to working with CHPA in advancing this category moving forward.”

“Growth in consumer healthcare is being driven by demand for innovative, reliable, and accessible self-care products across multiple categories,” continued Melville. “CHPA is the home for health care companies like Church & Dwight, Bridges and Rhinomed that are shaping the future of personal health care. The role of self-care has never been more important, as consumers, health care professionals, regulators, policymakers, and payors increasingly recognize the value of self-care in health care overall.”


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