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Experts: cultivate diversity in beauty

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The entire multicultural beauty industry is undergoing seismic shifts in consumer behavior, demands and distribution.

So how can mass retailers make multicultural beauty consumers feel welcomed/recognized/respected in their stores? How can they meet the needs of these consumers and make them loyal customers? The key words are: Inclusion, Access, Assortment and Engagement. The Global Beauty Alliance canvassed board members, supporters and beauty industry consultants, and what follows is a selection of their views.

The Chapman Edge president Roz Chapman: Retailers should use “appealing signage that pictures models and families that look like this consumer. They should advertize to this consumer and hire personnel that look like her. Make the personal care section a destination by keeping it fresh with current trend and advertised items at price points that can be reached by all.”

Cornell McBride Jr. of McBride Research Laboratories: “Historically the Multicultural set has been smaller than the GM set regardless of the community. Mass market retailers can make a difference by raising the profile of the section with images, wider selection along different price points and improved lighting.”

MV Roberts Distributing president Michael Roberts: “A welcome footprint for a multicultural consumer begins with executive leadership. If the leadership does not address diversity and inclusion within their respective organizational structure down to store-level decision makers, loyalty and respect will be hard to translate into product assortment, promotions and community relevance.”

Strength of Nature Global president Mario de La Guardia: “Multicultural beauty customers are one of America’s fastest-growing consumer populations. According to IRI, the multicultural beauty category is growing at a rapid 10% rate annually. To further the growth of our category, a new global voice of the Multicultural Beauty industry has been created, called the Global Beauty Alliance, which is comprised of entrepreneurs, influencers and experts with a genuine passion to work together toward the continued growth and rapid expansion of our category. As we know the conversation is global today, this alliance will work to unify the beauty industry globally.

“GBA members collectively represent years of expertise in consumer-centric marketing, merchandising, promotion and shelf management that truly conveys serving this consumer with integrity and quality.”

These experts have had many years of experience serving multicultural beauty consumers, and they know what makes for good results in the retail environment. It is our hope to collaborate with retailers and dedicated partners that share the vision of excellence in creating a superior shopping experience for the Multicultural consumer.

Lafayette Jones is a beauty industry leader and multicultural marketing expert.


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