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Five trends from the Private Label Trade Show

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CHICAGO — The exhibit floor of PLMA’s sold-out 2022 Private Label Trade Show opened here yesterday with more than 1,400 exhibitors and 2,300 booths.

Attendees filled the aisles to discover the hottest new foods, beverages, nonfoods, personal care, household goods and much more. Themed “Consumers Are Back in Charge,” the show kicked off Nov. 13 with educational sessions and a panel discussion. The show floor is open again today from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Peggy Davies

“PLMA’s Annual Private Label Trade Show is back!” said PLMA president Peggy Davies. “We have enthusiastically welcomed visitors and exhibitors from around the globe to this one-of-a-kind event. Attendees sampled, discovered, and examined thousands of edible and non-edible products, all in the pursuit of expanding innovation for store brand shoppers.”

Among the trends on the show floor:

Plant-Based – Plant-based has expanded far beyond the burger. Many new options are available across multiple categories. Among the products on display: plant-based sausage, pepperoni and deli slices; alternative fish sticks; and chocolate bars made with oat milk.

Hemp & CBD – From oils to lotions, a variety of hemp-derived CBD products are being showcased. Additionally, there are products made from hemp seed and protein ingredients.

Wine & Spirits – Cheers! The Private Label Trade Show has a dedicated area to wine and spirits. Products in the spotlight include oak barrel-aged Spanish wine; single-serve Chilean reserve wine in a can; and natural wine with no added sulfites.

Kitchenware – More consumers are cooking from home and seeking new kitchenware to meet their needs. In response, exhibitors are highlighting such products as pressure cookers, water purifiers and 3-in-1 kitchen gadgets for multifunctional use.

Sustainable Products and Packaging – At a time when consumers are making more eco-friendly choices, exhibitors are showcasing better-for-the-planet products and packaging. These include compostable trash bags; eco-conscious shampoo bars; and bamboo paper cups, plates and wipes.


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