GSK adds TUMS Naturals to lineup

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WARREN, N.J. —  GSK Consumer Healthcare has launched Tums Naturals, a new heartburn relief medicine that is free-from artificial flavors and dyes. Like all the brands’ products, the company says, the new TUMS Naturals deliver fast and powerful multi-symptom relief from the discomforts of burning in the chest, acid indigestion, sour and upset stomach.

Research has continued to demonstrate that a growing number of consumers prefer products with natural ingredients but struggle to find options from brands they love and trust. This insight sparked Tums to adapt its long-trusted products to satisfy this consumer desire, without sacrificing the fast heartburn relief consumers depend on from Tums.

“As consumers are increasingly aware of the ingredients they consume, we saw an opportunity to offer them the efficacy they rely on and expect from Tums, while delivering on their desire for more natural-leaning solutions to their medicinal needs,” says Amy Sharon, director at Tums. “Millions of people suffer from heartburn, caused by things like stress and the foods they consume, and our mission is to continue ensuring they have access to relief that fits their personal preferences, so heartburn isn’t something they have to worry about.”

Tums Naturals goes to work in seconds, according to the company. It travels directly to the source of heartburn, dissolving swiftly to neutralize stomach acid on contact. It is available in two fruity flavor combinations – Black Cherry & Watermelon and Coconut Pineapple – both of which feature the natural active ingredient Calcium Carbonate and do not contain artificial flavors, dyes, GMOs or gluten. Additionally, the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Tums Naturals are available now at drugstores nationwide in a variety of sizes, joining a large portfolio of products that provide fast heartburn relief. From Tums Chewy Bites which feature a chewy outer shell to the deliciously smooth and tasty TUMS Smoothies – there’s a Tums flavor and form to ensure everyone can get back to enjoying #TUMSworthy moments, the company says.



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