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Haleon intros Theraflu Flu Relief Max Strength

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WARREN, N.J. — Haleon was launched earlier this year as an independent company 100% focused on consumer health, completing its demerger from GSK. The newly listed business is driven by its purpose to deliver better everyday health with humanity.

The new company recently rolled out one of its first product launches with Theraflu Flu Relief Max Strength as its gears up for cold and flu season.

“It is looking like this year’s cough/cold season may be more severe than the past few seasons,” says Michelle Bateson, vice president and head of R&D for North America at Haleon. She is responsible for end-to-end innovation and R&D business continuity.

“We base that off what we have seen in the Southern Hemisphere, with Australia having its worst flu season in five years. Using that as a predictor, we may expect to see the season come on earlier and a higher number of cases than last year’s,” she adds.

Bateson explains that many consumers struggle to distinguish cold versus flu symptoms. “The flu and the common cold share a similar range of symptoms, so it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference when we look at the symptoms alone. While the cold is a gradually uncomfortable build of mild symptoms, the flu acts fast and brings with it a list of symptoms not typically associated with a cold, like headaches, chills and fevers. Consumers are seeking targeted treatment options for cold versus flu with the right over-the-counter medicine for their symptoms.”

“That said, it can be challenging and overwhelming to pick the right product, which may result in people buying products that don’t address their symptoms best. With a variety of caplets, syrups and hot liquids, Theraflu Flu Relief Max strength offers multisymptom relief for all of the consumer’s worst symptoms (including fever, body aches, headache, cold and sore throat pain) so people can focus on getting better.”

She adds that wellness is top of mind for many consumers, so prevention is important. “In order for people to continue feeling their best, we must be on the lookout for warning signs. The earlier the season starts, the more severe the season may be. In preparation for a potentially intense season, make sure to avoid close contact with people who are sick, cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, wash your hands regularly and, if possible, stay home when you are sick to rest and recover to prevent spreading illness and, of course, have your medicine cabinet prepared with a treatment like Theraflu Flu Relief Max Strength.”

Bateson points out that Theraflu Flu Relief Max Strength offers powerful flu symptom relief without a prescription. “Its max strength formula relieves the worst flu symptoms,o help you feel better fast and get much needed sleep. The formula was designed with 1,000 mg acetaminophen to relieve pain and reduce fever for up to six hours.”

She continued, “Theraflu Flu Relief Max Strength is available in different formats and flavors including soothing hot liquids, syrups and caplets (which are great for on-the-go). The daytime and nighttime syrups now contain true honey and are great for those seeking more efficiency and more natural flavor in their flu relief medicine.”

She says the product was an important launch for the new business. Knowing that this year’s flu season is unpredictable, and coming back in full force after years of social distancing, it was important the we have a Max Strength product on the market for consumers. We are excited to add Theraflu Flu Relief Max Strength to our world-class portfolio of brands that people know and trust, designed to deliver better everyday health with humanity.”

She adds that social media can play a huge role in influencing people. “People look to their peers, family and friends for recommendations, and social media more and more is becoming an important extension of peer set. In the cough/cold market it can influence behaviors, mindsets and choices.”

Bateson explains that flu is overwhelming because the fever and body aches that come with the flu can leave people feeling completely debilitated, not just weak and exhausted like with a cold. “For a while, it was not easy to find symptom over-the-counter relief products strong enough to deal with the flu. We are proud to be launching this trusted, science-backed new product line that meets the needs of flu sufferers. Theraflu Flu Relief Max Strength is the choice for consumers who need a powerful fever-fighting formula to relieve their worst flu symptoms. We are very happy to have it on shelves for consumers this flu season.”


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