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Haleon is spun off from GSK Consumer Healthcare

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Independent company debuts on London Stock Exchange

WARREN, N.J. Haleon has been launched as an independent consumer health company following its spin-off from GSK.

Trading of shares in the newly listed business began July 18 on the London Stock Exchange, where CEO Brian McNamara presided over the day’s ceremonial opening. Trading on the New York Stock Exchange is set to begin on July 20.

The launch as an independent company comes at a time of growth in the consumer health care marketplace. The company notes that huge improvements in medicine, data, and technology notwithstanding, everyday health remains elusive for many people. Haleon said it aims to change this through a two-pronged approach: first, remove barriers to everyday health and, second, provide everyday health opportunities for 50 million people a year by 2025.

Haleon said its competitive advantage lies in its ability to blend human understanding and science in the health care products it creates. The company also asserted that it is further distinguished by its scientific capabilities, a well-developed organizational understanding of human health behaviors, strong capabilities in brand building, innovation, and digital commerce, and a powerful route-to-market.

Haleon’s portfolio of brands includes Advil, Centrum, Sensodyne, Robitussin, and TUMS. The brands have been providing treatment and improving the quality of life for millions of people across the globe for decades, according to the company, which added that the products are trusted, recognized, and recommended by health care professionals across multiple markets.

“Guided by our clear purpose and with a world-class portfolio of brands that people know and trust, we stand ready to help address consumer needs and make better everyday health more achievable, inclusive, and sustainable,” McNamara said. “Today follows a huge amount of effort, planning, and collaboration by our dedicated colleagues all around the world.”

Haleon (pronounced “hay-lee-on”) was unveiled as the name of the business in February and is inspired by the merging of the words ‘hale,’ which is an old English word meaning ‘in good health’ and ‘leon,’ which is associated with strength.


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