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Hershey, Walmart support American jobs initiative

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Hershey, Walmart support American jobs initiative

HERSHEY, Pa. — Senior executives from the Hershey Co. and Walmart came together to celebrate what they described as a shared commitment to increase U.S. manufacturing jobs.

Over the past year, Hershey has invested more than $150 million in U.S. supply chain advancements, the company said, and the spending led to the creation of 350 jobs across Hershey‘s manufacturing operations and its relationship with suppliers.

“Our investment in U.S. supply chain capabilities impacts a broad range of consumer experiences, from packaging and merchandising to e-commerce assortments,” said Michele Buck, president and chief executive officer at Hershey. “These advancements enable business growth that helps to maintain and create jobs across the entire value chain – from manufacturing to fulfillment centers to the retail floor.”

Hershey’s recent manufacturing expansion would not be possible without strong retail partners such as Walmart, according to Buck. She pointed to expansion of a Hershey plant in Hazleton, Pa., that will produce Kit Kat bars starting early next year.

For its part, Walmart is on track to meet a commitment, made five years ago, to source an additional $250 billion in goods that support American jobs, according to Steve Bratspies, Walmart’s chef merchandising officer.

“When we invest in these products, we invest in America. We give customers what they want, and we fuel economic growth by helping provide jobs to hard-working Americans,” Bratspies said. “Our partnership with Hershey is a great example of what’s possible when we work together.”

In the week leading to Halloween, Walmart expects to sell 11 million units of Hershey product, Bratspies said.

“U.S. manufacturing matters to Walmart just as it does to our customers and our communities,” Bratspies said. “Today, about two-thirds of what we buy and sell is sourced, grown or made here in America, but we want to do more,”



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