Hydralyte launches Hydralyte Plus Immune System Boost

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SAN DIEGO — Hydralyte recently introduced Hydralyte Plus Immune System Boost, which the company said is scientifically formulated with the right ratio of glucose and electrolytes to hydrate consumers more effectively than sports drinks or coconut water with far less sugar. Hydralyte Plus Immune System Boost has 75% less sugar and 4x the electrolytes of a sports drink.

This new product rehydrates and boosts the immune system at the same time. Hydralyte Plus Immune System Boost contains seven key electrolytes for rehydration and is also infused with 1000mg of vitamin C and 300g of elderberry. It tastes like a berry smoothie.

“We have been working for over a year sourcing the best immune ingredients to add to our rapid rehydration mix,” CEO of Hydralyte Oliver Baker said. “But to ensure people want to take it everyday, we knew it had to taste great. Our new Berry blast is our best Hydralyte yet, we hope you love it like we do.”



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