Joe Mollica moves into CEO role at LNK

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Joe Mollica moves into CEO role at LNK

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. — Joe Mollica may have a new title at LNK International, but he’s been an integral part of his family’s business for more than 40 years. Mollica assumed the role of chief executive officer, succeeding his father, who stepped down earlier this year. In his new position, Mollica pledges to maintain the highest level of quality the manufacturer of over-the-counter solid and liquid dose products has been known for since it was founded in 1980, while also gearing up for the future.

“We have never veered from our commitment to quality. We will be prepared for any regulatory requirements in the future,” says Mollica. LNK, he adds, has always met and, in many cases, exceeded statutory and regulatory rulings, including the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. “It is a big point of differentiation.”

The company offers more than 170 national brand equivalent formulas in pain relief, sleep, feminine pain, cough and cold, allergy and gastrointestinal categories in solid and liquid dosage forms.

LNK achieves its commitment to compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices, a culture of continuous improvement and strong relationships with clients and suppliers. “We are proactive in our approach to regulatory compliance and prepared for not only today but what could come,” says Mollica.

Stringent controls over manufacturing processes are critical for the safety of the industry and regulations continue to be updated with the onus on manufacturers to comply. Unfortunately, some companies don’t always abide by the regulations, and retailers are not always aware of what goes into ensuring safe manufacturing. While retailers don’t always “see” the efforts of manufacturers, actions behind the scenes guarantee the quality of products. At LNK, all raw materials and finished products are put through rigorous testing and documented. Every batch released is tested by the company’s chemists and has an assay. “Everything has to pass through the lab and meet all specifications before it is released for sale,” says Mollica.

Beyond its adherence to best-in-class manufacturing, LNK’s portfolio of control-label products is perhaps more important today than ever. Still feeling the impact of out-of-stocks during the pandemic as well as supply chain snags, consumers continue to pantry load. During the past two years, LNK could be counted on to get retailers the products they needed when many national brands were out of stock. The company had the foresight to “buy long” on inventories and didn’t experience supply hiccups.

Dovetailing with stocking up, consumers are pressed by rising prices, and that has accelerated demand for private labels. “I think consumers know better than anybody else that inflation is impacting their spending,” Mollica says. “They are going to do what they need for their families when it comes to medication, especially with the increase in self-care. We have seen many times over the past 30 years that our business picks up in a recession. Private labels carry a very high value proposition.”

LNK also has its ear to the ground. Already a powerhouse in tablet dosage forms, Mollica answered retailers’ requests for more products in liquid forms. The company expanded warehouse space to accommodate the revved-up production. Liquids currently produce about 30% of sales, and Mollica believes that will widened because of the appealing taste of liquids and the ease of use for children and babies.

Speed to market is mission-critical for LNK. “Historically we have been on par or ahead of national brands to react to national trends,” Mollica says. Also, the company has been able to develop products similar to national brands but not compared to, which streamlines the development process.

LNK is the total package — a dedication to quality, swift reaction to market needs and philanthropic efforts. LNK has been aligned with many charities and organizations, including Children’s Hospital, St. Baldrick’s Foundation, the March of Dimes and MS Great 8 Foundation.



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