Kathleen Jaeger departing NACDS

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ARLINGTON, Va. — Kathleen Jaeger  is leaving her post as NACDS’ senior vice president of health and wellness strategy, policy and patient advocacy, to serve as executive vice president of the start-up company All Sober.

While at NACDS, she also served as president of the NACDS Foundation.

In her new role, Jaeger will be executive vice president of health and wellness, strategy and external relations and also serve as president of the All Sober Foundation, effective June 2.

Kathleen Jaeger

All Sober is a new public benefit company that has been created to provide millions of Americans suffering from addiction and their loved ones with all the connections, information and resources they need as they journey through recovery and into a sober life; to end the stigma and shame of addiction; to inspire people in recovery to sustain and celebrate sobriety; and to help fund treatment for those who cannot afford it. A portion of all earnings of All Sober will be donated to the All Sober Foundation and used to benefit the public by helping to fund treatment. More information about All Sober and the All Sober Foundation is available at allsober.com and allsober.org, respectively.

In making the announcement, Flora Nicholas, founder and chief executive officer of All Sober said, “The problem of addiction affects millions of Americans daily and the numbers have increased dramatically as a result of COVID. We have founded All Sober to help them all and will be working with major corporations as well as some of the most talented people in the business community to make a transformational impact. So, we are absolutely delighted to welcome Kathleen on board. Her knowledge, experience and expertise are immense and together we can and will make a difference in the lives of all those who need help as they journey from addiction and into recovery.”

Steven Anderson, NACDS president and chief executive officer, said, “It is with a blend of emotions that we congratulate Kathleen on her new position.  Throughout her career at three national trade associations, Kathleen has been a builder of organizations that address the most critical public health needs facing our nation and its people. Through her work, Kathleen has helped transform two sectors of the healthcare system by ensuring Americans’ access to affordable medicine and greater access to care, which have provided more opportunities for better health.  All Sober and those that the organization serves will benefit tremendously from Kathleen’s passion, expertise, commitment, knowledge, and her zeal to drive systematic social change. That is even more important now since a consequence of the pandemic has been greater addiction and mental health challenges for many of our fellow citizens.”

Anderson continued, “When Kathleen joined NACDS in 2011, she committed to serving five to seven years to reimagine, realign and rebuild NACDS’ pharmacy care and the NACDS Foundation. Ten years later, Kathleen has led a paradigm shift in these areas which has brought profound breakthroughs in how an association can improve the health of all Americans. Kathleen further transformed the NACDS Foundation from a philanthropic enterprise into a research incubator for promising and sustainable innovative ways of care and improving the lives of patients and communities. In addition, Kathleen has played a pivotal role as part of the NACDS COVID-19 team in addressing the many public policy and other issues related to our members’ response to the virus in the areas of testing and vaccinations.  Kathleen leaves NACDS as our member companies are the centerpiece of the nation’s COVID-19 vaccination strategy and when any American can get vaccinated at one of NACDS’ members 40,000 locations.  Kathleen’s visionary leadership on COVID-19 is one of the reasons for that extraordinary and historic success.”



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