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Kleenex brand extends into facial cleansing arena

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Kleenex brand extends into facial cleansing arena

DALLAS – Kimberly-Clark’s Kleenex brand is entering the facial cleansing category with an exclusive new line of facial cleansing products for women, which feature fabric-based technologies.

According to the company, the cleansers combine textured, multilayered fabrics infused with a pro-vitamin complex to cleanse skin.

The Kleenex Facial Cleansing line consists of five products: exfoliating cushions that smooth and polish the skin while the water-activated cleanser cleans the skin; moist facial cleansing wipes that lift and trap dirt, oil and makeup; cotton soft pads that complement any beauty routine; moist eye makeup removers featuring fabric technology infused with oil-free remover to lift and trap eye makeup; and shine away sheets with double-sided fabric technology designed to lift and trap excess oil without smudging makeup.


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