Live Better by CVS Health gets more products

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WOONSOCKET, R.I. — Looking to add more healthier options to its lineup, CVS Pharmacy has introduced more than 80 new products under the Live Better by CVS Health brand. The retailer also committed to ensuring all packaging in the expanded health and wellness brand be at least 80% recyclable. The assortment will span nine categories and make some of the most sought-after trends in the wellness space more accessible to consumers at a competitive price.

“We are committed to creating quality, innovative and industry-leading products that empower our customers to make self-care a part of their everyday health,” said Brenda Lord, vice president of store brands and quality assurance at CVS Health. “Holistic wellness is a personal journey. With the unveiling of so many new Live Better product offerings, customers have access to high-quality ingredients that reflect the latest wellness trends, at a good value.”

In addition to products featuring popular and emerging ingredients such as elderberry, ashwagandha, turmeric, kelp, maca, ginseng and charcoal, many are also labeled USDA certified organic, non-GMO project certified, gluten free, cruelty free or vegan. The brand calls out unique ingredient details, and the rich back stories of how some of the products were sourced and sustainably manufactured can be read on the packaging or online.

Unique brand back stories ­include:

• Live Better by CVS Health Wild-Caught Fish Oil: Sourced from Walleye Pollock caught wild in Alaskan waters by Marine Stewardship Council Sustainably certified fisheries. Within hours of being caught, the oil is extracted, pressed and purified by a family-owned American company to maximize freshness.

• Live Better by CVS Health Bamboo Toothbrush: To ensure vital food supplies are not taken from wild animals, this product is made from Moso bamboo, which is not part of a panda’s diet.

• Live Better by CVS Health MCT Oil: A source of beneficial, energy-supporting essential fatty acids, this product contains ingredients from raw material suppliers that are certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

• Live Better by CVS Health Marine Green Blend Powder: This naturally gluten-free, vegan and USDA-certified organic product is made of kelp, chlorella and spirulina that is a good source of naturally occurring iron.

• Live Better by CVS Health Baby Cheek balms: Each product is manufactured using sustainable practices such as solar and wind power.

In addition to the rollout of new Live Better products, 30 new better-for-you choices were added to the popular Gold Emblem and Gold Emblem Abound snack and grocery lines, including exotic flavors, indulgent ingredients and unique product forms. Examples include organic chili lime dried mango, probiotic apricots, plantain chips, sesame tahini cashews and spreadable honey.



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