Megalabs brings Prospan cough remedy to U.S.

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Megalabs brings Prospan cough remedy to U.S.

MIAMI — Megalabs USA is bringing Prospan, the global leader selling natural ivy leaf cough remedy, to the United States.

Through Megalabs’ exclusive, long-standing partnership with Prospan manufacturer Engelhard, the globally popular herbal cough remedy, will be available midyear 2023 at major American retail outlets in Puerto Rico, including CVS and Walgreens as well as online via Amazon and other e-commerce marketplaces.

Formulated by Engelhard, Prospan has been available around the world for over 70 years. Prospan contains an exclusive extract from the leaves of English Hedera helix, commonly known as the ivy leaf. The proprietary extract used in Prospan, known as EA575, is carefully made using a patented extraction process and backed by rigorous clinical trials involving over 65,000 patients. Its nondrowsy, sugar-free herbal formulation works to relieve four different pathways for cough and cold, and it has been shown to provide reduction in cough, chest congestion and inflammation and opening of airways in numerous clinical trials and studies on adults and children. Family-owned for two generations, Engelhard has recently celebrated 150 years as the first company to harness the effective potential of ivy leaf for cough, colds and congestion.

“We’ve long seen the value and benefits of Prospan through our 20-year relationship with Engelhard in Latin America,” said Megalabs USA chief executive officer Fabian Rivero. “Expanding Prospan to the United States will provide its evidence-backed, herbal relief to American consumers, and supports our mission to help improve people’s lives throughout the world.”

“Prospan has been the cough remedy millions of people around the world have relied on for more than seven decades,” said Oliver Engelhard, CEO of Engelhard. “Its expansion to the U.S. consumers through our relationship with Megalabs USA is a proud milestone for our company and the people we serve.”



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