NACDS distributes PSA on COVID-19 response

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ARLINGTON, VA. — NACDS is distributing through national cable networks a video – titled “Rise” – that has been classified as a national public service announcement. The PSA aligns the resolve of the nation and the resolve of pharmacy in confronting and overcoming COVID-19.

The PSA reflects on challenges faced by America in the past, the nation’s resolve in confronting them, and the vital role of pharmacies, pharmacists and all personnel. “We were there then, and we’re here now,” states NACDS president and CEO Steven Anderson in the PSA.

In discussing the PSA, Anderson said, “Pharmacies and pharmacists are offering important services related to COVID-19, and helping patients with other illnesses who are encountering an overwhelmed healthcare system. It is important to remind the public to learn more online about the services their pharmacies offer to help at this extremely challenging time.

“Together, we have faced challenges ranging from the H1N1 flu pandemic, to natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires. Pharmacies, pharmacists and team members throughout the store inspire confidence, because they deliver solutions along with other healthcare professionals, first responders and other heroes.”

The strength of the PSA exists in NACDS’ chain members — 40,000 pharmacies with 155,000 pharmacists — who along with other community pharmacists help to present accessible health care destinations within five miles of 91% of Americans. NACDS’ members span companies with four pharmacies to those operating nationally, and they include traditional drug stores, grocery stores and mass retailers.



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