Piping Rock ranked as leading Long Island workplace

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RONKONKOMA, N.Y. —Piping Rock Health Products, manufacturer of Nature’s Truth vitamins and supplements and top-selling aromatherapy products, has been voted one of Long Island’s top workplaces.

Research company Energage recently conducted a workplace survey with over 100 Long Island companies, of all sizes, to determine which were the best places to work. The survey consisted of 24 work-related statements that employees had to either agree with or disagree with. For a company to qualify, at least 35% of their employees had to participate. Piping Rock ranked fourth among midsize Long Island companies.

Piping Rock prides itself on being an entrepreneurial family-owned company. The passion and focus behind each associate helps drive them to develop and bring innovative products to market quickly. By introducing new, exciting items and developing strong relationships with its retail partners, Piping Rock  is successfully fueling incremental category growth.

“Working for Piping Rock over the past five years, I have seen the company grow from a company of only 50 associates to over 500. The success of our company relies inherently on the hard work and dedication of its associates.  Not only is Piping Rock a company with strong values, but it’s a company that truly cares about the well-being of each associate. Knowing that you’re a valued asset and your hard work is genuinely appreciated makes it easy to come to work and love what you do,” said Nicholas Senande, media marketing manager for Nature’s Truth.

Piping Rock’s success is largely due to committed associates and their shared passion for health and wellness. By working for a company that is dedicated to the health and happiness of its consumers, Piping Rock isn’t just a job to its associates, but a career. Between the company’s integrated infrastructure and the shared passion and drive of each associate, Piping Rock seems to have the secret formula for success.  One driving force behind the success is that it can quickly react to category trends by launching new products to market in record time, which has allowed it to grow at an exponential rate.   It’s truly remarkable how far this young company has come in just a few short years.



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