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Raley’s reopens Bel Air in Arden Park store

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WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Raley’s has reopened its Bel Air location in Arden Park. The redesigned and remodeled store is tailored to meet the needs of the local community, the company says.

Inspired by Raley’s vision to infuse life with health and happiness, the Bel Air store has an wide variety of natural and organic products across all its departments, as well as customers’ favorite staples at affordable prices.

Raley's Bel Air Beauty

The new “wellbeing for everybody” department features clean label health and body care products.

The store also carries an extensive selection of tasty grab-and-go prepared foods, chef-crafted sandwiches, delicious dim sum and noodle salads. Also on offer is an assortment of catering options as well as an expanded gourmet cheese and charcuterie section. Customers can also browse the new “wellbeing for everybody” department, featuring clean label health and body care products. Other specialty offerings include gourmet pet treats made with human-grade ingredients and a floral department where customers can order custom-made flower arrangements and get free potting when they pick their favorite plants.

The Bel Air has served Arden Park for more than 64 years. The remodel investment included infrastructure upgrades to the building, along with a new modern interior and provides an easier and more convenient shopping experience for customers.

Raley's Bel Air ProduceReflecting its central location in the community, the store includes several areas for neighbors to gather and connect. From birthday parties to book clubs, the Something Extra Gather room is available to rent for all Something Extra Customers. The café features coffee from the Lake Tahoe specialty coffee company Drink Coffee, Do Stuff. The wine and beer bar offers individual glasses and small bites complete and has a new outdoor patio where customers can enjoy a beverage or snack.


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