Representative Kinzinger visits Garcoa Laboratories

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Garcoa Laboratories

OTTAWA, Ill. — U.S. Congressman Adam Kinzinger recently visited a Garcoa Laboratories/Sigan America facility here as part of an effort to support a healthy “Made in America” supply chain.

Greg and Richie Rubin of Garcoa Laboratories hosted Representative Kinzinger, sharing information and ideas about the status of the “Made in America” movement, which is built on the idea that American manufacturing jobs are critically important to the country, which has been strongest when the country’s manufacturing industries were thriving.

Representative Kinzinger says that manufacturers need to get workers back on the job, and the Rubins say the congressman listened when they spoke about the challenges that American manufacturers, including Garcoa, face, and what they need. Kinzinger even offered the Rubins a seat on his U.S. Manufacturer’s Council, a move they described as a great honor.

The need for assistance from the US government to help U.S. manufacturing be more competitive with other countries was communicated during the meeting, as was the need to provide American companies with access to the resources they need to help the country regain its stature in the world of manufacturing.

“Congressman Kinzinger understands what it takes to exist and be competitive as a manufacturer in today’s world,” the Rubins said. “His efforts are important and needed to rebuild the supply chain and our nation. His support is gratefully acknowledged and appreciated.”



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