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TRxADE Group partners with Brookshire Grocery

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TAMPA — TRxADE Group Inc., a health services IT company focused on digitalizing the retail pharmacy experience by optimizing drug procurement, the prescription journey and patient engagement in the U.S., announced that its telehealth subsidiary, Bonum Health, has secured a strategic partnership with Brookshire Grocery Co. (BGC) and its diverse retail pharmacy network – spanning 180 corporate owned stores in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas – to provide affordable telemedicine services.

BGC plans to utilize a Bonum Health telemedicine program, combined with Bonum Health partner SingleCare’s Prescription Savings Program, as a complete health care savings bundle aimed at uninsured and under-insured customers. BGC is planning to expand this deeply discounted mobile health care service to local businesses whose financial status has been hurt by COVID-19 and may no longer offer insurance or prescription benefits to employees.

“Brookshire’s has a rich history of offering it’s community quality health care at affordable prices, and we are proud to select Bonum Health to continue that mission and to provide our under-insured and uninsured patient community affordable access to health care through their easy-to-use Mobile Application, and desktop link, direct from each of our banner stores’ customized website,” said Neil Ducote, vice president of pharmacy, BGC.

“Bonum Health will provide affordable telemedicine services – inclusive of its signature Mobile Health Services and Prescriber Program – to the patients of all BGC stores leveraging Bonum Health’s partnerships with over 650 medical providers spanning 49 states,” said Ashton Maaraba, president of Bonum Health. “The gap between uninsured and insured consumers widens daily, even worse, consumers are struggling to keep up with rising healthcare deductibles making this launch particularly timely. Bonum Health’s easy-to-use telemedicine services and electronic health records will make virtual consultations by board-certified Medical Doctors accessible anywhere and anytime.

“Since 1928, Brookshire Grocery Co. has bridged gaps across its retail and healthcare community, setting new standards of care by consistently offering new savings and promotions for the betterment and enhancement of community wellness. We look forward to working closely with the Brookshire’s team to continue their mission across every community they serve nationwide,” concluded Maaraba.


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