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Select Hy-Vee stores selling O-T-C hearing aids

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa  — Hy-Vee, Inc. announced Friday that over-the-counter hearing aids are now available at select Hy-Vee stores with no exam or prescription necessary.

In an effort to make hearing aids more accessible and affordable, the FDA recently ruled that individuals ages 18 and older with mild to moderate hearing loss can purchase hearing aids in stores or online without a medical exam, prescription or a fitting adjustment by an audiologist. The FDA cited reports that estimate 30 million Americans experience hearing loss but only about one-fifth seek treatment. The new FDA ruling went into effect on Oct. 17.

Customers can now find several affordable over-the-counter hearing aid options at select Hy-Vee stores, starting at less than $500. Hearing aid varieties available at Hy-Vee include receiver-in-the-canal and earbuds, along with other accessories. Each designated store also offers a hearing kiosk within its Hy-Vee Pharmacy department that provides individuals with a free hearing test to measure their level of hearing loss.

“By offering low-cost, over-the-counter hearing aids, we continue to make health care more accessible to improve the health outcomes of our patients,” said Aaron Wiese, CEO of Hy-Vee Health and Innovation and president of Hy-Vee Healthcare, LLC. “The latest FDA ruling complements Hy-Vee’s mission of making lives easier, healthier and happier.”

Hy-Vee has offered hearing aids for individuals with a prescription since 2018, in partnership with Innerscope. Hy-Vee plans to expand over-the-counter hearing aids to 100 total stores by the end of 2022. Customers can find more product offerings and purchase hearing aids online to have shipped to their home by visiting


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