Sera Labs introduces Nutri-Strips Brand

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LOS ANGELES — CURE Pharmaceutical Holding wholly owned subsidiary Sera Labs is challenging the status quo of the health and wellness sector by bringing innovative products to market using groundbreaking technology and superior ingredients. As a trusted industry leader that continues to offer consumer solutions, Sera Lab’s is launching the Nutri-Strips brand with a multi-channel advertising and marketing strategy beginning initially with “Sleep A.S.A.P.,” which offers a fast-acting, drug-free solution to America’s sleep problem.

CURE Pharmaceutical has developed a broad platform of formulations that offer targeted dosing including CURE’s patented and advanced oral thin film strip technology, which Sera Labs has branded RAD3 — for Rapid Activation Delivery and which it is using to deliver novel vitamins and supplements.

Nutri-Strips are administered and activate directly on the tongue, allowing for rapid delivery. This means there is no need for water, chewing or struggling to swallow pills. The strips are formulated by utilizing proprietary organic polymers that trap the active ingredients in a liquid matrix which is then cured into the Nutri-Strips.

Millions of American’s have trouble sleeping; according to BCC research, with $52 billion being spent annually on sleep products with Sleep A.S.A.P. as the drug free alternative to sleeping pills. CURE’s scientists developed this proprietary formulation for sleep by blending five of the most powerful sleep ingredients into one dose to help you get to sleep and stay asleep. The Nutri-Strip launch will kick off with Sleep A.S.A.P., this week, shortly followed by the launches of ImmunD3 to supercharge your immune system (with a once-a-week 40,000IU dose of vitamin D3), EnergY to enhance performance and mental focus, and RecoverB for electrolyte and muscle recovery. Additionally, three exciting new line extensions are set to launch in the first quarter of 2021.

CURE’s recent acquisition of Sera Labs was fueled largely to help commercialize Nutri-Strip. “Launching the cutting-edge technology of Nutri-Strips this week on all digital platforms creates a brand to be reckoned with,” stated Nancy Duitch, Sera Labs CEO and Chief Strategy Officer for Cure Pharmaceutical. “We expect to see a steep sales trajectory as of a result of our extensive marketing, brand penetration and education campaigns. Now, more than ever consumers are hyper focused on their health and pocketbook and Nutri-Strips solves this problem by offering maximum potency of essential vitamins and supplements while not breaking the bank.”

Available online now at; our ecommerce site,, will launch early November. The brand has launched an aggressive Q4 digital, print and Sirius radio campaign and will have a national TV broadcast campaign starting Q1 2021 to create the world’s most impactful oral thin strip nutraceutical brand

Furthermore, Nutri-Strips are manufactured in the USA at a state-of-the-art facility which is registered with the FDA that strictly complies with cGMP guidelines and holds the NSF® cGMP certification for manufacturing dietary supplements.

”I’m extremely excited to see the technology being commercialized and monetized,” said CURE Pharmaceutical CEO, Rob Davidson. “CURE’s science team set out innovate how active ingredients are delivered to the consumer and that is what makes the Sera Labs acquisition such a compelling acquisition.”

Nutri-Strip is non-addictive, has no side effects and is created by top formulation scientists. Each strip is hermetically sealed in airtight, grab-and-go packaging to eliminate chemical and structural breakdown and provide superior potency. Most recently, Nutri-Strip was touted at a prominent virtual industry trade show for buyers in retail as the most innovative line in the supplement category seen in years! Make the switch, it’s time to lose the pill and start stripping.



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