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Sparta East Makes its Face Masks in U.S.

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MIAMI — When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in America in 2020 and consumers began looking for face masks with which to protect themselves from exposure to the virus, there were few U.S. manufacturers that could meet their needs.

SpartaSparta East LLC was established that year by what is now its sister company, InMotion Design. The creation of Sparta East came in response to a “Buy American” presidential executive order, and the new company’s goal was to help the country fight the pandemic while generating jobs that would support the local economy.

Sparta East became a registered facility of the Food and Drug Administration, and helped address a critical need. Since the beginning of the pandemic, and even before, most of the personal protective equipment (PPE) products that people were looking for were imported from abroad, and U.S. manufacturers of these products were not prepared to meet the increased demand, leading to shortages and consumer frustration. That actually represented a National Security crisis, according to the company, which notes that Americans had to rely on imports from other nations to defend themselves from a pandemic that was not only affecting their health but their nation’s economy as well.

Sparta East produces disposable face masks at its manufacturing facility in Miami, Fla., and the company says that laboratory tests have shown that its masks offer the highest protection available (ASTM Level 3). The company points out that it is currently supplying civilian-use masks to retail locations across the country.

The company also makes surgical face masks for the health care industry. The company notes that its 3-ply face masks are available in blue and black and are made up of different types of fabric, as inner, outer and outside layers that are fluid resistant and provide ultimate protection against droplets and fluids that contain bacteria or viruses. More information is available at

“Our vision is to have a 100% made in USA product with local materials and not need to import any raw materials from foreign sources,” the company’s CEO said. “With the support of our government, these goals can be made possible for companies like ours. As a nation, this vision should be shared in all industries promoting more jobs for Americans by Americans and more sustainable manufacturing of 100% made in the USA.”


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