Sprint, Walgreens collaboration

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Sprint Corp. and Walgreens are collaborating on a program that allows Sprint customers who shop online for Sprint-branded mobile phones, accessories and other products to retrieve the items at a FedEx counter located within 7,500 Walgreens stores ­nationwide.

Sprint, the nation’s fourth-largest provider of wireless telecommunications services, with 54.5 million connections, noted that 78% of Americans live within five miles of a Walgreens store.

“Being able to buy online and conveniently pick up at either a Sprint store or Walgreens makes shopping easy for our customers,” said Sprint chief commercial officer Dow Draper.

“As customers check out on Sprint.com, they can select delivery to their home, to their local Sprint store or Walgreens. It is that simple.”

Sprint shoppers who designate a Walgreens outlet as the point of pickup have five business days to get to the store to collect their merchandise.

“As e-commerce continues to grow, customers expect retailers and logistics providers to offer convenient and flexible solutions to fit their busy lifestyles,” said Scott Harkins, senior vice president of customer channel marketing for FedEx Services.

“Our customers across the country enjoy the convenience of services we offer at neighborhood Walgreens locations,” said Walgreens president of operations Richard Ashworth. “We’re pleased to expand on our collaborations with both Sprint and FedEx to further simplify shopping as we head into the holiday season.”



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