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Study examines grocery trends

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ARLINGTON, Va. — The National Grocers Association released top-line results earlier this month from its consumer trends study, which for the first time segments independent supermarket shoppers from national chain shoppers.

The consumer trends study was conducted online by Nielsen on behalf of NGA from December 7 through December 22, 2015, among 1,525 U.S. adults who shop at national, regional or independent grocery stores.

The sample was divided among urban, suburban and rural shoppers and, for the first time, was segmented by consumers who shop at independent supermarkets.

The results revealed high consumer satisfaction with independent supermarkets, with 80% of respondents who primarily shop at an independent supermarket reporting being very/extremely satisfied, compared with 65% of respondents who reported being very/extremely satisfied with a national chain.

Independent supermarket operators scored high marks for selling high-quality fruit and vegetables (85%), for selling high-quality meat (84%), and for providing fast checkouts (87%).

Results also revealed that independents were strongly associated with offering locally grown produce and other packaged goods (69%) and participating in community outreach initiatives (51%).


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