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Study finds lowest-price retail chains

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BOSTON — Walmart and Dollar General Corp. tied for the least expensive overall basket in the latest “Opening Price Point (OPP) Study” by management consultant Kantar Retail LLC.

For its sixth annual survey, Kantar selected 21 categories across the edible grocery, nonedible grocery, and health and beauty aid segments, with the aim of comparing a half-dozen retailers on how they meet the needs of a shopper “looking for the lowest absolute prices” in the targeted categories.

Filling the basket cost $27 at both Walmart and Dollar General, said Kantar. A shopper would have paid $31.98 at Stop & Shop, $34.31 at Family Dollar, $34.78 at Aldi and $35.11 at Sav-A-Lot.

Kantar compared prices at stores in southeastern Massachusetts in October.

For the second consecutive year, Sav-A-Lot had the cheapest edible sub-basket. Dollar General’s edible sub-basket bested Walmart’s by 99 cents.

Walmart had the least expensive nonedible sub-basket. “For all retailers in the study, nonedible categories appeared to be the key for delivering shopper value,” Kantar said.

Family Dollar had the least-expensive H&BA sub-basket. The total cost of the items in its sub-basket was unchanged from last year’s survey, Kantar said, while the H&BA sub-baskets for the other retailers in the study were more expensive in 2016.


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