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M&As are vital for successfully rebalancing portfolios

This year, in the face of a potential slowdown in the economy, consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail companies will use mergers and acquisitions (M&As) to rebalance their portfolios, letting go of noncore assets and reinvesting in the capabilities they need to stay relevant to the ­consumer. This drive towards a comprehensive portfolio management comes

Crafting experiences: the future of retail stores

Crafting experiences: the future of retail stores

Time is not the friend of traditional fast-moving consumer packaged goods retailers. Category by category, share point by share point, sales of consumer products continue to migrate to digital alternatives or services such as click-and-collect and auto replenishment that actually keep shoppers out of the store. No wonder mass market retail executives are looking for

Amazon innovates

SEATTLE — Recent moves by Inc. make it clear that the world’s e-commerce behemoth is continuing to ratchet up the pressure on traditional retail. Most recently, Amazon has invited major consumer packaged goods manufacturers, including General Mills Inc. and Mondelez International Inc., to a three-day gathering at its headquarters here in May, according to