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Video Forum: Dave Wendland, Hamacher Resource Group

Video Forum: Dave Wendland, Hamacher Resource Group

In this week’s Video Forum, Dave Wendland, vice president of strategic relations at Hamacher Resource Group, reflects on three decades of involvement with the retailing business. Recent developments in the self-care, beauty and grocery categories; the impact of inflation on consumer behavior; and innovations in merchandising are among the subjects he addresses. Wendland also talks

Having the right offerings for unpaid caregivers is a challenge

Finding ways to connect with your shoppers and draw in new consumers is an ongoing effort that needs constant reevaluation based on market conditions, the evolution of shopping behaviors, trends and the economy. One trend that continues to shape retailers’ strategies is the self-care movement. As consumers take more responsibility and control of their own

The time is right for a new approach to fixture sets and resets

MILWAUKEE — Adjustments to traditional approaches of beauty fixture sets and resets have become necessary to adapt to the new normal of today’s experiential-driven retail market. This was unanimously confirmed by attendees of the recent SHOP! Association Business Leader Forum, where Hamacher Resource Group presented “Producer Savings Through Efficient Rollout Practices.” The coordinated process between