Uqora launches urinary tract health line at CVS

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Uqora launches urinary tract health line at CVS

SAN DIEGO — Uqora has just launched its line urinary tract health products in over 4,700 CVS stores nationwide and online at CVS.com.

The digitally-native brand, a Pharmavite company and a disruptor in the women’s health category, has garnered more than 25,000 5-star reviews since its inception in 2017 and is now expanding its footprint in-store to help UTI-sufferers on a larger scale.

Uqora is best known for its 3-part proactive urinary tract health supplement regimen (also known as the Complete Regimen) containing: Uqora Flush, Uqora Defend and Uqora Promote. A new holistic way of promoting better urinary health, these products work together to support your urinary health from multiple angles. In addition to offering its proactive supplements in CVS stores, Uqora will also have its UTI Emergency Kit available which includes everything you need to manage the symptoms of a UTI until you can see a doctor in a new, convenient 3-in-1 bundle.

“When you’re experiencing a UTI, the last thing you want to do is piece together a plan for what products are going to best serve you. Uqora is here to offer consumers an easier, modernized offering with our simple yet effective urinary care products. Our team is committed to improving the lives of women and all those seeking better urinary health solutions,” said Vivian Rhoads, Uqora president.

For too long, women and UTI-sufferers have been given few options when it comes to taking control of their urinary health. Founded by a chronic UTI-sufferer, Uqora understands this experience and recognizes this sector of women’s health has been significantly underserved, until now. Uqora is committed to changing the urinary health landscape with UTI education, product innovation and building a community of people who share their journeys and provide each other support when it comes to urinary health.

With more than 25,000 5-star brand reviews, Uqora customers have called the brand a “game-changer” and “life-changing” with its range of proactive urinary tract health supplements and UTI symptom relief products. Since its inception in 2017, Uqora has experienced accelerated growth with its digital-first approach serving more than 400,000 customers. The decision to expand into retail stores will only accelerate the brand’s mission of helping as many people as possible that need urinary tract health support.

To support its customers and progress women’s health beyond its products, Uqora also offers UTI education resources and a private customer support group to remind you, you are not alone on your journey to better urinary heath.



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