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Walgreens’ mental health offerings make impact

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DEERFIELD, Ill. — Walgreens mental health initiative and its collaboration with Mental Health America (MHA) is paying off. Nearly 75% of visitors to the Walgreens digital platform who have completed screenings are also actively following up, Walgreens reports, adding that the platform is also helping to reach a broader demographic of consumers interested in mental health resources.

Those visiting the Walgreens mental health site ( can readily access a selection of free online screening tools offered through MHA’s website, including those for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and PTSD.

According to Walgreens, an analysis of non-identifiable screening data from the campaign’s first year shows that of visitors who have completed an online screening offered through MHA, those originating from the Walgreens platform are more likely to want a referral to someone who can help and are more likely to take an anxiety screening or PTSD screening.
Visitors to the site also tend to be older, with 47% over 35 compared to 17% for MHA, and are more likely to be caregivers as well.

“One of our primary objectives when first launching this program was to help meet the growing need for resources and access to care,” said Dr. Harry Leider, who serves as chief medical officer for Walgreens. “We’re proud to know that the tools and services we’re offering, along with Mental Health America and its community-based resources and screening program, are enabling more people to seek answers or help. We look forward to finding more ways to work together, and with other providers and partners to address the many challenges facing both patients and our mental health system today.”

In addition, of the estimated 75% of those visiting the Walgreens site who have taken active steps after completing MHA screenings, more than 30%, according to Walgreens, say they found treatment; 24%, or one in four, discussed their results with family, friends or a health care professional; and approximately 20% have sought additional ­information.

“Mental Health America is pleased to be working with Walgreens on this important initiative,” said Paul Gionfriddo, president and chief executive officer for Mental Health America. “Our online screening program is often a critical first step for people who have mental health concerns.”



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