Walgreens study finds vaccine boosts mental health

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Walgreens study finds vaccine boosts mental health

DEERFIELD, Ill. — For more than a year, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way of life for everyone. It has especially taken a toll on many Americans’ mental health and well being, however 73% of those vaccinated say getting the vaccine has had a positive impact on their mental health, according to a new Walgreens survey released Thursday. More than two-thirds (67%) of respondents feel that vaccination will benefit their physical health as well.

Survey respondents were comprised of individuals who are fully or partially vaccinated. With more than half of U.S. adults now in this vaccinated population and many returning to pre-pandemic activities and lifestyles, the sentiment most shared among those vaccinated is relief (64%), followed closely by thankfulness and optimism, the survey shows.

“Our pharmacy staff and store team members have seen first-hand some of the emotion from customers and patients — having endured the past year of the pandemic, and now, recognizing the vaccine can be the catalyst to getting back to the people, and the things they truly value and have missed the most,” said Rina Shah, Walgreens group vice president of pharmacy operations and services. “As more people look to resume their pre-pandemic lifestyle, the coronavirus vaccines have been and can continue to be the key for doing so as quickly and safely as possible.”

Most are eager to see family and friends

Asked what they’re most eager to do post-vaccination and having built up full immunity, most respondents (60 percent) said seeing family and friends. Dining out and traveling were second and third on the list, respectively.

Most wanted vaccine as soon as it was available

Nearly 70% of respondents were looking to get the vaccine “as soon as it became available” to them.

However, 29% of those surveyed had mixed feelings, but ultimately decided vaccination was the best/right thing to do. Among the initially hesitant group:

  • Sixty percent are women and half are under 40 years old
  • Most said they decided to get the vaccine to help protect others, while the majority of early adopters cited their own peace of mind and protection as their top motivator
  • This group also felt they were more likely to take limited risks throughout the pandemic than their peers

Two percent of respondents got the vaccine because it’s required by their employer.

Vaccine provides comfort level with return to activities

The Walgreens survey also looks at people’s comfort level across a range of activities post-vaccination, and respondents cite the greatest comfort with seeing family and friends (86%) and dining out (75%).

Prior to being vaccinated, the majority say going to the gym was the activity that made them most uncomfortable (70%). However, 75% now say they’re comfortable getting back to the gym having received the vaccine.



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