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Walmart, Sam’s Club pharmacies to dispense COVID meds

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BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Select Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies are ready to receive and dispense the FDA authorized COVID-19 antiviral medications Paxlovid and Molnupiravir as supplies allow.

WalmartThe medication will only be available at certain Walmart and Sam’s Club locations in a limited number of states until more supply is available. The medication is only available with a prescription from a health care provider. Customers and health care providers can go to and use the store locator to find their nearest store or club that is carrying this medication to send the electronic prescription. Since the COVID-19 antiviral medications are prescribed to those with COVID-19, they will only be available at Walmart and Sam’s Club by curbside pickup or via drive-through pharmacy windows.

Walmart worked closely with the federal government and state health departments to select locations where states determined the treatment was needed most. While initial medication supply is limited, Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies stand ready to help expand treatment access nationwide.

“We are committed to working with our state and federal partners to provide access to new treatment options like authorized COVID-19 antiviral medications, as they become available,” said Kevin Host, senior vice president of pharmacy. “This medication offers customers the option to recover at home and helps reduce the burden on our hospitals and communities. As we have since the beginning of the pandemic, we’re proud to support our communities through everyday essentials, healthy food, vaccines, medication, and other health care needs as we all work together to weather the pandemic.”

More information about these new medications to help treat COVID-19 can be found here:

Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies will continue to support states and the federal government to help increase the access and availability of authorized COVID-19 antiviral medication and COVID-19 vaccines. Walmart will also continue to make flu vaccines and other preventative vaccines available. To stay up-to-date on how Walmart and Sam’s Club are supporting the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, visit


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