WooBamboo offers a natural alternative in oral care

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WooBambooCAPE CORAL, Fla. — Ranked by SPINS as the United States’ No. 1 fastest growing natural toothbrush brand (now in over 15,000 stores worldwide), WooBamboo’s “eco-awesome” oral care products were designed to inspire the world and empower eco-minded consumers. With a full line of bamboo toothbrushes for adults, kids, and pets, along with biodegradable floss and four natural toothpaste flavors, WooBamboo offers natural alternatives to the typical landfill-cluttering and chemical-ridden products currently on the market.

Over a billion plastic toothbrushes end up cluttering landfills and oceans every year — just from America, the company points out, adding that there’s a massive market that “would if they could” go natural, ditching the plastic and harmful chemicals for products that promote sustainability and a more chemical-free personal care routine. That’s why natural products is one of the fastest-growing retail categories in the U.S., and WooBamboo is a brand that educated consumers can stand behind, relate to, and feel proud to use. WooBamboo’s bamboo toothbrushes, silk floss, and natural toothpastes give everyone the opportunity, even through tiny changes, to make a positive difference, and be inspired daily to make more.

“WooBamboo isn’t a hygiene company,” emphasizes cofounder and chief executive officer Christopher Fous. “I know we’re not because it’s not teeth that I’m passionate about. It isn’t toothpaste that keeps me awake at night. I’m obsessed, however, with this idea of inspiring the world. That makes WooBamboo an inspiration company. Oral care is just a vehicle for that inspiration. We create simple, beautiful, and universal products that are fantastic, eco-friendly alternatives to the ones everyone typically uses.”

“Oral care is both fiercely ritualistic and universal, no matter what nationality, age, sex, religion, or lifestyle — everyone brushes their teeth, and a smile is positive in every language,” says Fous. “The difference is, though, that we design our products to be more than just oral care instruments. They’re also SYMBOLS for what you believe in, and they’ll remind you with every use that you’ve made a planet-friendly decision. You’ll feel good, and want to make more eco-awesome decisions. So just think, if millions of people start and end their day feeling good about themselves, wanting to make more eco-friendly choices, then we’ve indeed changed the world — and that’s a powerful, beautiful thing.

“Ask either of my sons, Ryker (7) or Torren (5) ‘What’s the most important thing in the world?’ Either one will look up and proudly say, ‘Be nice to people.’ Cheesy or not, at WooBamboo we believe in the power of kindness. We’re nice to people. Other than my being the creative and conceptual arm of WooBamboo, I’m not particularly an expert in anything industry-relevant. I’m not a dentist. I’m not a retail pro or expert in global distribution. I’m just a passionate, kind guy who wants to leave the world a better place — and so are my partners Steve and Tom. So are all of our incredible team members here at Woo.”

Fous believes WooBamboo has the distribution it has today (CVS Pharmacy, Kroger, H-E-B, Safeway, Albertsons, TJMaxx and Target to name a few) “because we believe in what we’re doing. We believe in positivity. You’ll hear that business is cutthroat. It’s not. People can be. But business is about working together. It’s about sharing. It’s about mutual benefit, making connections and leaving positive impressions on people. Deals are made more with the heart than they are with the head. We believe this — and follow it relentlessly.”

Having launched on Earth Day of 2013, the past five years have shown that the world is ready for companies with heart. Sustainability is finally going mainstream, and consumers are demanding products and brands that believe that positive change is possible. To date, well over 2 million plastic brushes have been replaced with bamboo brushes from WooBamboo, and there’s way more to come.

“I’m incredibly honored to play a part in this industry, and am so thankful for the companies out there that inspire us to do what we do, and the stores willing to make the switch,” Fous says. “Together, we are strong — and every one of us can make a difference. If we innovate, if we inspire, we can and will change the world.”



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