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Zicam adds daily immune support products to lineup

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Zicam adds daily immune support products to lineup

EWING, N.J.— Church & White Inc.’s Zicam brand has launched two immune support gummy supplements — Zicam Daily Immune Support and Zicam Sleep + Immune Support with Melatonin — formulated to provide immune support year-round, day and night.

According to the brand, the gummy supplements offer 100% daily value of three immune-supporting ingredients: zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D per serving, with the addition of 3mg of melatonin per serving in Zicam Sleep + Immune Support with Melatonin.

“For over 20 years, Zicam has led the way in helping consumers shorten their colds, and we’re constantly looking at new and innovative ways to aid consumers who care about their immune health,” said Michael Vercelletto, marketing director of Zicam. “Our expansion into the immune support space, with Zicam Daily Immune Support and Zicam Sleep + Immune Support with Melatonin, is focused on giving consumers the boost of support that they can rely on in an easy to take delicious gummy supplement — day and night.”

Zicam Daily Immune Support is available in a Citrus Strawberry flavor and Zicam Sleep + Immune Support with Melatonin is available in a Blackberry Lavender flavor. The daily supplements can be found online and select retailers nationwide, selling for a suggested  $16.49.


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