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Big Y, Bonum Health to deploy telemedicine program

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TAMPA — TRxADE Health, an integrated drug procurement, delivery, and health care platform, announced on Thursday that Bonum Health, a digital health care business subsidiary, has signed a telemedicine service distribution deal with Big Y Pharmacy and Wellness Centers within their supermarkets in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Bonum Health will provide affordable telemedicine services to the patients of all Big Y pharmacies by offering Bonum Health’s signature Mobile Health Services and prescriber program, staffed by over 600 board-certified medical providers. The partnership also provides Big Y patients direct access to prescription discount savings through Bonum Health. The gap between uninsured and under-insured consumers across Massachusetts and Connecticut widens daily, and consumers are demanding easier access to affordable health care providers.

“Big Y wanted to expand our digital health care offerings and to enhance our collaborative care network. Bonum Health is a strategic partner that helps us diversify our in-store and community digital healthcare services. Their mobile application enables a turn-key Telemedicine and Prescriptions Savings tool to seamlessly integrate into our Big Y pharmacies,” stated Steve Nordstrom, director of center store and pharmacy.

Ashton Maaraba, president of Bonum Health noted, “We are thrilled and fortunate to team up with Big Y and their outstanding health and wellness leadership and in-store staff. Big Y pharmacy leadership recognized an opportunity to provide greater access to deeply discounted low-cost care to their patients, in combination with furthering their prescription discounts, under our unique digital platform, and Big Y chose Bonum Health. We are looking forward to serving each Big Y consumer household.”


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