White Papers

E-commerce: Build, Drive and Earn E-commerce Growth for Retail Success
Taking Stock of CPG Past and Future: Gear Up Now for a Year of Growth
Private Label: The Journey to Growth Along Roads Less Traveled
The Omnichannel Journey: Translating Big Data into a Prescription for Growth
Personalization Journey: Leveraging Big Data to Drive Big Growth
Harvesting the Fruits of Innovation Done Right
Out-of-Home Advertising as Scale: Accurately Measuring Out-of-Home Advertising
Recent OTC Innovation: Observations and Implications for Future Growth
Flipping the Switch: Disparity between the United States and Rest of World
Brain Health: Unlocking White Space Potential for the OTC Industry
Effective Premiumization Strategies in CPG can Achieve 10-15 Percent Topline Growth
Playing to Win in the Rapidly Evolving Omnichannel Ecosystem
Price Pack Architecture

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