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Racher Press, Inc.
126 Fifth Avenue, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10011

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Editorial Staff

David Pinto
Office: 212-213-6000
[email protected]

Jeffrey Woldt
Vice President/Editorial Director
Direct: 212-699-2375
Fax: 212-725-3961
[email protected]

Scot Meyer
Managing Editor
Direct: 212-699-2312
Fax: 212-725-3961
[email protected]

Mark Baumgarten
Senior Reporter
Direct:  212-699-2334
Fax:  212-725-3961
[email protected]

Leslie Seldin
Desk Editor
Direct: 212-699-3389
[email protected]

For editorial reprints, E-prints and for rights and permissions, contact:

Andy Speter
PARS International
[email protected]



Editorial Calendar

To download the 2019 MMR Editorial Calendar in PDF format, visit Editorial Calendar page.

Editorial Submissions or Inquiries

Please e-mail questions to [email protected].

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For all questions related to your subscription, please contact our subscription department via email at [email protected] or phone 212-699-2362, or visit Subscription Services page.

Reprints or E-prints of Articles Appearing in MMR

For all questions related to article reprints and e-prints or rights and permissions, contact Andy Speter of PARS International at 212-221-9595 or [email protected]. For more information, visit the Reprints / E-Prints page.

Back Issues of Special Reports

Back issues of MMR can be ordered directly by contacting Pam Vandernoth at 212-699-2362 or, you may order directly via the Special Reports page.

Advertising Material Inquiries – Print and Digital

  • Questions regarding print advertising material, contact Peggy Navarre at 212-699-2371 or  [email protected].
  • Questions regarding digital advertising material, contact John Dioguardi at 212-699-2361 or [email protected].

To download the 2019 Media Planner, visit the Advertise page.


Advertising Sales Staff

Susan Schinitsky
Direct: 212-213-6000

John Dioguardi
Director, Sales & Marketing
126 5th Avenue, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10011
Direct:  212-699-2361
Cell: 516-457-2692
Fax:  212-725-4594
[email protected]

Christopher Stanton
Director of Sales
550 Dayridge Dr
Dripping Springs, TX 78620
Office: 512-829-5663
Cell: 312-961-6180
Fax: 512-263-5886
[email protected]