Issue 06-21-2021

NRF raises retail sales outlook

WASHINGTON — Citing an accelerating economic recovery, the National Retail Federation (NRF) has raised its retail sales forecast for 2021. The nation’s largest retail trade organization now projects that retail sales will grow between 10.5% and 13.5%, up from its February forecast of 6.5% to 8% growth. “The economy and consumer spending have proven to

Retailers encourage vaccinations with prizes

NEW YORK — The rate of vaccination against COVID-19 has been declining in the United States since early this spring, even as new, potentially deadlier variant strains of the disease emerge. In response, several major retail pharmacy operators are offering incentives to encourage people to take advantage of the availability of free vaccination. The decrease

Retailers are fighting joblessness

NEW YORK — After the economic dislocation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, job growth and unemployment rates are key indicators of the nation’s progress toward recovery, and the mass market retail industry is doing its part to help the rebound. When 20 million jobs evaporated last spring as the economy shut down in response to

WBA closes Alliance Healthcare sale

DEERFIELD, Ill. — Earlier this month Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) announced that it has finalized the sale of its Alliance Healthcare businesses to AmerisourceBergen. The $6.5 billion deal included $6.275 billion in cash (subject to a customary net cash and working capital adjustment) and 2 million shares of AmerisourceBergen common stock. WBA said it will

Walmart’s stature is undeniable

Our critics have occasionally pointed out that MMR, a supposedly objective business publication, unduly praises the accomplishments of Walmart, giving that extraordinary mass retailer credit for real or imagined successes out of proportion to any semblance of reality. This is true. But it is a truth heavily supported by the facts. The facts, in this