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Circana adds Snapchat solution, expanded GM coverage

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Circana adds Snapchat solution, expanded GM coverage

CHICAGO – Circana, formerly NPD and IRI, has launched Circana Lift for Snap Inc., creator of Snapchat. Circana Lift enables consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers to accurately measure how their Snapchat advertising campaigns drive offline sales, providing insights into campaign effectiveness.

Circana Lift offers advertisers the unprecedented ability to answer key performance questions related to ad campaign efficacy and efficiency and drive tangible business outcomes. With this measurement, advertisers can determine whether their campaigns effectively increase incremental purchases, attract new households, and encourage households that viewed the ads to spend more per purchase.

“Marketing to customers is a multifaceted challenge and assessing the success of digital advertising campaigns in driving in-store sales has remained a significant obstacle for advertisers,” said Amy Marentic, president of global solutions for Circana. “Our partnership with Snap bridges the gap between online media exposure and offline sales lift, empowering advertisers to unlock the true potential of their advertising efforts and drive measurable results in today’s complex and competitive market.”

“We understand how crucial it is for CPG brands to precisely evaluate their advertising campaigns’ effectiveness. That’s why we’re teaming up with Circana, aiding these vital advertisers in optimizing their Snapchat campaigns for more efficient and impactful results,” stated Christopher Plambeck, vice president of marketing science at Snap Inc. He added, “Continuing our commitment to delivering customer-focused solutions, we’re excited to introduce this integration. We can’t wait to see how CPG brands will harness Circana’s measurement capabilities.”

Circana Lift seamlessly integrates Circana’s extensive point-of-sale, frequent shopper, causal, and media exposure data, empowering marketers to analyze actual in-store sales lift impact in real time throughout a campaign. By leveraging data from loyalty card programs, Circana’s proprietary shopper panel, and various other data assets at the SKU and shopper level, Circana Lift delivers the industry’s most granular and accurate multi-channel projections, the company says, enabling advertisers to make data-driven decisions and drive sales in real time.

The company also launched new Circana Audiences for the following 12 general merchandise industries: accessories, apparel, automotive aftermarket, consumer technology, foodservice, footwear, home improvement, housewares and home textiles, video games, major appliances, mobile phones, and small home appliances. Circana previously announced the availability of Audiences for two other general merchandise industries — toys and prestige beauty. Supported by Circana Audiences, advertisers and marketers can deliver broad reach and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns using the most accurate purchase-based, predictive audiences.

“Leveraging best-in-class purchase data and predictive attributes for 126 million households in the U.S., Circana offers audiences with the highest propensity to purchase at any desired scale,” said Marentic. “Advertisers in Circana’s general merchandise categories can now access Circana Audiences — optimized with actual in-store and e-commerce shopping behavior — so they can immediately improve engagement with their target prospects.”

Circana Audiences are modeled audience segments that are created using propensity-to-purchase scores. Leveraging a unique mix of behavioral and purchase data, and predictive attributes, this advertising solution covers virtually every consumer in the United States and helps advertisers accurately identify those likely to buy specific categories and brands. Circana Audiences are proven to deliver up to four times the return on investment (ROI) versus more traditional audiences.

To learn more about Circana Audiences and purchase-based targeting, click here.


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