CVS to switch to cage-free eggs by end of 2022

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Chain to reach initial cage-free goal three years sooner.

NEW YORK – CVS Health announced on Monday that it has accelerated progress toward its commitment to selling 100% cage-free eggs and egg CVS Healthproducts, which will now happen by year-end 2022. The company had initially pledged to be cage-free across its 9900 retail locations by 2025. The new commitment accelerates the timeline by three years, so countless hens in the supply chains of its stores will no longer suffer in cages.

“We applaud CVS for recognizing that they could switch to cage-free eggs much quicker than anticipated and taking that significant step to reduce the suffering of egg-laying hens as soon as possible,” says Vicky Bond, president of The Humane League. “Socially responsible companies like CVS will no longer source eggs hens kept in cruel battery cages, and we hope that Walgreens will follow their lead and do the same.” Walgreens, the fifth-largest retailer in the U.S., has pledged to sell only cage-free eggs by 2025 but has not publicly reported progress against its goal.

Prior to making this animal welfare policy commitment, CVS Health consulted with The Humane League, a global animal protection nonprofit with a mission to end the abuse of animals raised for food. The Humane League focuses on changing the way the world’s biggest companies treat animals by setting new standards for corporate animal welfare policies. This work has been instrumental in securing many of the more than 500 cage-free pledges made by North American food companies.



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