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Dedicated NACDS team assures success of TSE

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SAN DIEGO — While the National Association of Chain Drug Stores’ Total Store Expo is widely celebrated for its innovation, networking opportunities and industry insights, there’s a group of unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure its success.

Jim Whitman, head of NACDS’ member programs and services department, notes that on one level, nearly everyone at the association contributes to the success of TSE. But the team Whitman leads is central to the effort.

“From the day exhibit sales opened in September 2022 to the execution of this year’s TSE in August, it takes a variety of people working full-time to make Total Store Expo rewarding for the attendees,” Whitman says.

That team includes Terry Arth, Sally Cranney, Nikki Coleman, Toni Gonzalez, Marilyn Hunter, Stacy Jack, Andrew Klapmust, Mary Medawar, Steve Perlowski, Kathy Phillips, Stephanie Salguero and Mike Swinburne.

What becomes immediately apparent is the depth of dedication and teamwork within this group. Whitman attributes the success of the Total Store Expo to their unwavering commitment.

“It takes a dedicated group of people who are committed to serving the industry and serving the attendees, both retailers and exhibitors, to make Total Store Expo what it is and so successful for all the attendees,” he explained.

The event, which sees thousands of attendees with diverse agendas, requires meticulous planning and execution.

Whitman acknowledges the long hours and extra effort put in by his team, both in the lead-up to the event and during the days on-site in San Diego.

“To accomplish that and to have people have a high rate of return just takes a total amount of dedication, extra effort, extra hours, long days on site and constantly a lot of just can-do attitude,” Whitman noted.

He also stressed that every member of his team understands their role in providing exceptional customer service, which is something that NACDS prides itself on.

“We’re second to none in the industry,” Whitman proudly affirmed.

One aspect that stands out is the longevity of the team, with many members having worked together for years.

This longevity, according to Whitman, reflects their deep dedication to the industry, its members and their shared commitment to making a meaningful impact.


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