FMI commends role for pharmacies in vaccine push

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ARLINGTON, VA — FMI commended the Biden Administration for its plan to begin distributing COVID-19 vaccine doses directly to retail pharmacies across the nation, including those of supermarket companies, in order to expand access to vaccinations.

Leslie Sarasin, president and chief executive officer of FMI — The Food Industry Association, offered a comment on Tuesday in response to the administration’s announcement:

“Given the success to date of supermarket pharmacists administering vaccines, serving as knowledgeable and accessible immunization providers within their communities, and collaborating with public health officials and other providers, a successful COVID-19 vaccination plan should actively involve supermarket pharmacists. Moreover, grocery stores serve as health and well-being destinations, providing consumers the opportunity to receive COVID-19 vaccinations when available at the same location where they already purchase food and other essentials.  This not only makes vaccine access more convenient, but it also makes it safer and reduces the risk of exposure in the midst of a pandemic.

“Many FMI pharmacy members have large footprints and parking lots that allow social distancing, while additional or extended store hours provide times for seniors and immunocompromised patients to receive vaccinations. Supermarkets also have a robust team of associates who can support a vaccination clinic environment in-store or on-premise.  As well-established and trusted health care providers to their customers, supermarket pharmacists will also play a key role in addressing patient concerns and highlighting the importance of getting vaccinated.

“We look forward to working with the Administration to facilitate this new initiative, which recognizes the reputation and authority of supermarket pharmacies in the country’s COVID-19 vaccination effort.”



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