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Food Lion hits sustainability milestone

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Grocer recognized for successes in energy conservation

Food Lion hits sustainability milestone

SALISBURY, N.C — For the 23rd consecutive year, Food Lion has earned the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. The omnichannel grocery retailer is the only company in the nation to receive the distinctive honor for 23 years.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sponsors the ENERGY STAR program annually, recognizing organizations for outstanding leadership and advocacy of energy preservation to promote a cleaner future. Award recipients range from Fortune 500 companies to school districts and are industry leaders in the production, sale and adoption of energy-efficient products, homes, buildings, services and strategies. Through the ENERGY STAR recognitions, collaborative efforts are gathered on a large scale in the fight against climate change and safeguarding public health.

In 2023, Food Lion converted overhead lighting from fluorescent to LED in 224 stores. Now, 95% of Food Lion’s 1,108 stores have more sustainable lighting with upgrades planned in 2024 for the remaining locations. Lighting upgrades at the retailer began in 2015 and have saved over 892 million kilowatt-hours. Additionally, Food Lion’s reduction in energy usage since 2000 is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 123,114 homes’ electricity use for one year, the equivalent of charging 76.9 billion smartphones or upgrading 23.9 million incandescent lamps to LED.

“We created our commitment to sustainability around immense care for the towns and cities we serve and an energy-efficient future,” said Matt Yates, vice president, brand strategy, Food Lion. “By including the disciplines embedded in our DNA to turn the lights off when leaving a room and making sure freezer doors close completely not only establish good business practices, but also a solid framework to deepen our commitment to sustainability.”

Food Lion increased its allocation of funds for overhead LED lighting installation projects in stores by more than 13% in 2023 compared to the previous year. More than 900 of Food Lion’s 1,108 stores are ENERGY STAR certified, conserving energy and resources by generating fewer gas emissions than typical buildings. From a broader sustainability standpoint, the retailer is also reducing its carbon emissions footprint through rigorous recycling and food waste efforts. Over the past year, Food Lion recycled more than 8,000 tons of plastic materials, while approximately 19,000 tons of food waste was diverted through methods including animal feed, anaerobic digestion and compost recycling.

Food Lion will continue contributing to an energy-efficient future and greener planet, aligning its goals with care for the towns and cities served across its 10-state footprint.


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